Our Nightmare.

When my husband feels pain I feel it too. When my husband is depressed and so low that he talks about suicide it’s hard to know what to do. How do I support him when I am as equally distraught by the same event?
I prayed for the strength to help him and for the medication he is taking to work. I prayed that if he took his own life it would be pain free and that he would not hurt others in the process.
I held him and told him I loved him and together we can get through this tragedy. We must not give up on life, however dark our days are we still have each other.
I was shocked and scared at how low he had become. How his life was robbed so quickly and I was just left with his shell, his laughter, his kindness, his weird humour all gone in a few days .
We talked deeply, held each other so tight each not wanting to let go. We talked about our faith and love .
We talked about our souls and how life events scar and shape them.
We were so open and honest with each other it was beautiful and something we had never done before .
I love my husband and will never let him go. I pray everyday that I will get my lovely warm person back again. So once again we can laugh and look forward to our future.



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