Dead Ends.

How can I work today? When the world is so messed up. Trying to promote my businesses via social media seems inappropriate, watching the news is to painful .Trying to even start to imagine the grief of the families affected is beyond words and to painful to think about. My own personal problems seem trivial and insignificant in light of what happened in France last night.
It does not feel like a beautiful world today, its full of dark dead ends with no way out or round them.

I spent last night learning about the resurrection. I sort of saw it as a lot dead ends, but there was also light and hope for a future . We read beautiful poems. Made white paper flowers and placed them in a coffin, listened to stories and music .
The one strong message that I took away was the need to trust God over my experiences. My own life is a series of deaths and resurrections. These experiences  just make me stronger, and grow my faith.
It was a moving and emotional evening and once again my tears flowed. Spending time outside in the woodland garden, trying to reflect and understand what was happening to me and my own personal journey with Jesus.
I still believe in a future where we can all love and care for one another, treat each other with love and respect. Were people will understand and feel Gods love and want to live by good values and allow God into their hearts and minds.
Its living this way  that has caused my beautiful world to collapse around me. But I would not change the things I have done as I believe in them and believe that each and everyone one of us should be loved and treated as we would like to be treated ourselves.




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