Lost Art Of Conversation.

When my world feel apart and I was distraught I spent over 24 hours alone crying shaking and confused by what had happened.
It was only when someone else involved saw my distress understood I was in desperate need of help and that I should not be alone that help was called for and provided by God.
It has made me think about how we communicate in the modern world and how busy our lives have become that we don’t even know when our friends are in desperate need of a hug or a chat we think an email or a text is all that’s needed to keep in touch.
In the last six weeks, I have received texts from friends asking if I am ok. I text back a yes and a smiley face at the same time I have tears pouring down my face unable to share with them what’s going on.
The same with emails I can appear happy and coping in an email but the reality is I am unable to string two words together.
A few Sunday’s ago I was having a bad few days and was in desperate need of some help but I did not ask and thought I could cope but deep down the reality was that I was not coping.
I sat in church the first words spoken to me where are you ok, and I answered honestly with a NO and explained my worries and help was provided before the service ended.
God knows my weakness and once again provided me with help I was so in desperate need of. Face to face conversation can never be undervalued or replaced.
If the same person had emailed or texted me that morning and said are you ok I might have sent back a yes and smiley face or just answered it when it was to late to help.
I must be more honest with myself and ask for help when I need it. I often don’t ask for help as I don’t want to burden others with my problems. Feel others are more in need than me and that I should be able to cope.
Their is no replacement for conversation it’s what makes us people it’s what makes us care and it made me realise how removed we have sometimes become from each other and think and text or an email to make sure a friend is ok is all that’s needed. But a hug and real conversation and time is what’s required.
We a walk around looking at little screens seeing what everyone’s up to on Social media. liking pictures and telling the world what we have been doing. We often don’t realise we have not seen or spoke to our closest friends for a long while.we are often too interested in what’s going on in everyone else’s life instead of looking at own and the people we care about most.
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)



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