Do Not Rejoice At The Misfortune Of Others.

We are Gods family we are brothers and sisters, as a family we should love care and protect each other.
If a member of our family gets hurt we offer comfort and support. We would want to help ease their pain and suffering.
This morning when having a little Facebook time I was so upset to see my friends liking and sharing the video footage of French athlete Ait Sai breaking his leg when competing Rio Olympic Games.
This man has shown so much dedication to his sport not only did he suffer massive physical and emotional pain it was viewed live millions across the world.
This is not something to like and share on Facebook, instead we should pray for his recovery. Pray for his fellow athletes and family to love and care for him during this terrible time.
We are all Gods children and should never take pleasure in seeing one another in pain and suffering.
I do wonder who my friends are today. I would like to think I have friends with good strong morals, friends that care, friends that can show love and compassion to one another and respect other people’s values.
Our Facebook profiles tell others what sort of person we are, our personality, values and beliefs are all their to be seen and shared with as many people as we invite into our virtual world. We need to be careful what we write and say as to not cause unnecessary pain and gossip.
We should never forget we are beautiful people uniquely made and created in Gods image with love.
Their is never a time to like and share and get entertainment from someone else’s misfortunes.
1 Corinthians 15:33
Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”



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