Don’t Be Afraid Of Being Different, Be Afraid Of Being the Same.

My crime seems is simple I Loved, cared and trusted.
Why? is a big question today and is dominating my thoughts it’s not why did God allow this to happen to me?
Its why does a system that is their to protect and care so capable of destruction? It’s so tied up in its paper work and tick boxes that it’s incapable of love, trust and common sense. A system that is scared of what others might think. A system that has endless meetings, works on statistics and protocol.
Meetings that make life changing decisions. People that are not listened to or understood.
The individuals that do stand up to the system often leave as they feel they can no longer do a job that damages the people it so wants to help .
I met someone a while back they had just left the system. They are now doing the same job but working for a company with very high moral values a company that cares. After a long chat she told me the best thing about her new job was that she did not have to hide her beliefs. When visiting clients she was able to support them on the level they needed and had time to listen to their needs. The best part it was ok to pray with them and give a hug if that’s what was needed.
We are at times a faceless society many of us not brave enough to stand out from the crowd to make a difference. Unable to say what’s in our hearts and stand up for our beliefs and be proud of who we are.
Loving God casts out all fear and I feel that and understand that so deeply I want others that have never had love be loved. To understand love and the love that comes from God. The reason I can love God or anyone else is because God loved me first.
You cannot give love if you have not experienced and felt love yourself. God’s unconditional love leaves me feeling safe and secure and in touch with something amazing and beautiful.
My crime was to want and help others to feel secure safe and not afraid. Help them understand they are not alone God will always be with them. A system that does not work destroyed that overnight. It will not destroy what’s in my heart and I will continue to love trust and allow my broken heart to heal so Gods love can flow freely through me and be passed to others.

John 13:34
A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.   By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.



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