I Understand Why.

I treasure the Bible that belonged to the Grandfather I never meet. His Bible was issued to him during his time serving in WW2.
Holding his little bible is beautiful, I wonder what he read, what gave him comfort and strength. He must have had some very dark his days away from home family and friends.
Even with such an uncertain future, he was able to put his trust in God and take comfort from this little book.
I now understand why he carried his bible and how important it was to him and other man and women in the services.
I now understand the comfort and reassurance he must have felt when he read it.
I now understand why they had chaplains on the front line. Why it was so I important to have your faith engraved on your dog tag.
I thought I had answers to all these questions years ago but how wrong I was. Since I have been able to be open myself to God, I can just start to understand what the Bible and faith meant ns to so many.
When I got confirmed I carried my Grandfathers Bible in my pocket even though I have never met him I felt a connection between us though Gods unconditional love.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.(Matt. 6:34)



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