Life Is Beautiful.

Today was not going to be easy this weeks lack of sleep and the sadness within me has a lot to do with today.
Family events in church are always going to be tough but today it’s extra hard. I would like to join in and celebrate with other families but seeing them all happy will be to much and today church is not a place to cry. Today it’s a place to rejoice in our young people and give thanks to God as they start a new school year.
The early service was the place to worship this morning followed by a quick exist so not to bump into the arriving families .
My quick exit plan did not go unnoticed and after a few hugs and polite conversation I ended up sitting under a tree ( planted in memory of my dad) in the church yard out of sight of the arriving families. The tears came in floods and floods and when I eventually calmed myself down. I sat quiet and still with my eyes closed to my own thoughts and prayers .
When I opened my eyes sat at my feet was a beautiful robin, I looked up and another was sat on my basket of my bike.
The message was loud and clear I need to stop looking back and start to look forward.
Yes I am loved by God it’s so obvious and no escaping it ,life is beautiful .

Proverbs 4:25 ESV / 85 

Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.



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