Empty Arms And Empty Hearts That Last Forever.

Writing helps me on so many levels, it helps me understand what is happening in my life and if I am lucky why it’s happening .
Writing has boosted my confidence and has allowed my mind and heart to stay open to follow Jesus .
Reading my early blogs reminds me of the pain and the journey travelled so far.
It was suggested I write my own psalm.
I prayed before I wrote it and had no idea what to write about while I prayed I wrote down lots of words adoption was written down many times.
Adoption is a subject I am very passionate about and it’s how I found my faith and I do believe it is a pure act of faith to care for his children as he cared for us.

Adoption .
Joy of life and new beginnings.
Pain grief sorrow and loss.
A double aged sword with no winners .
Confused scared and frightened.
Follow love and trust the Lord.
It’s a gift from God.
To give to one you must take from another.
The loss of a child pains the heart and mind.
Never to see hold or touch that child again.
Empty arms and empty hearts that last forever.
The chid does not understand .
New destinations, we put our trust in you to guide us through these times.
Happy times sad times with dead ends and darkness.
Times when theirs only a dim glimmer of light we trust and follow you.
We are all your children.
Adotion works because of love and trust .
We love and trust you with open hearts and minds.
Love over powers fear.
Faith over powers failure .
As we love and hold our children, just as you love and hold us in life.
Rejoice the new destinations and open hearted family’s.
Remember those left behind with empty arms.



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