A Little Sunshine, In My Darkness.

My battle to stay strong has almost reached my limit: Feeling so tired, drained, week and unmotivated .
My marriage is full of fear with love fighting so hard stay in our lives, worried and scared we will not recover.
Reading the Psalms has brought me so much comfort . I read Psalm 62 for the first time today. Struck by the amazing power of the words and how loudly they spoke to me. Repeatedly listening and reading it has helped me, given me strength when all I can see is dead ends .
I am exhausted, my soul finds rest in God. He is my rock and my salvation. I trust and love God in a way I never thought was possible.
God hears my every prayer, the storm that’s in our lives has not gone away. It’s just died down for a while, it’s due back in January.
I pray when it comes back we will be prepared for it. When it return’s may the winds be softer, may we see blue skies among the dark clouds, even a little sunshine in the darkness to guide us .


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