Reaching Into The Distance.

Every thing happens for a reason – it’s no comfort but it’s true.
Just over Two years ago my life changed it gave me faith and hope .I learned what it was to be loved by God.
Without the pain that happened than I would not be a strong enough person to survive what is happening today.
I would not have formed strong friendships with people I could trust. I would not have prayed and felt Gods love inside me .
Its a path laid out for me, each point I get stronger in faith and more determined to live the full and fruitful life.
I am unsure where this path is taking me. I am sure their will be more ways to strengthen and test me . Their will be times when I will doubt the path and want to turn back and go the other way; but deep inside me I know it’s the only path that I will follow.
I might stray but not far, I might stop but will get going again. I will laugh and cry and meet many amazing people on my journey through life.
I have no regrets at not finding the path sooner, it makes me appreciate how rich beautiful Gods love is.
I try and visualise my path sometimes and it’s a wavy path made from Cotswold stone . It’s not straight but it’s simple and uncomplicated no sign posts just reaches out into the distance.




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