Two Gold Rings Loved By One Heart.


I traced the name on the war memorial of a solider aged 32; married for only 5 years.
Charles Gibbs was my great aunties husband and I have always felt she never got over his death.
She remarried always wore both her wedding rings; the rings rubbed and wore together.
One heart loved by two men but deep down I feel she only had room to love one.
As I child I would sit on her lap and be fascinated by the two rings how they sat together. Almost as one but with my child like fingers I could separate them into two.
Even then I understood the questions my child like mind wanted to ask were to two painful for her to answer .
She never talked about the pain the loss, it was all locked away unspoken like so many .
The stiff British upper lip meant she carried on, remarried and had a different life. She longed for the children which never came and a husband that never came back from the war.
We must never forget the sacrifice made by so many, it’s not just the soldiers that died on the battle field. We also need to remember those left behind carrying the scars that war left in their hearts .
Today when I close my eyes for the two minutes silence I will remember them. I will also pray and thank God for the freedom that we have today ,this freedom comes with responsibility to use it for good. Not to take the beautiful gift of life for granted but to treasure it.
Treat each other as we would like to be treated ourselves, live in love not fear and embrace each day as a gift from God .


” There is no greater sacrifice than one human being laying down a life for another. And yet, even this pales into a lesser honour compared with the very Son of God offering up his own life for the sins of the world, the greatest measure of freedom that anyone could ever know – salvation from sin
John 15:13 greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”



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