Foundations Of Faith.

As a child I often visited our elderly neighbour ( Mrs Howard ) and framed on her wall was Psalm 23.
When visiting her she would take it down and we would recite it together.
I never forgot it, but the words have never really stood out for me or moved me in any way .
The last few weeks my life has been getting harder; fear was starting to control and rule me .
I felt so very low with little hope and late one evening in my inbox arrived the following
“even tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil – for you are with me – your rod and staff comfort me”
I just kept reading it and crying. It gave me such hope and strength it’s amazing how words can mean so much, offer so much comfort. Suddenly the words had meaning, powerful meaning backed up by a strong healing message wrapped in Gods beautiful unconditional love .
Mrs Howard is one of many people that have touched my life and laid down my foundations of faith .
Foundations laid down and left dormant for many years, it’s time to start building on the good solid foundations that I have been blessed with and grow my faith.




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