What’s a gift .

What’s a gift .
The dictionary says it’s something given voluntary without payment in return to show favour to someone , honour a occasion or make a gesture of gratitude .

The gift of the holly spirit is the greatest gift i have every been given and becoming a member of our church family and knowing I am loved by god .
This year my Christmas gifts will be manly homemade and made with love and thought .
This Christmas the gifts I give come from my heart each one is uniquely made as each of my friends are beautiful unique people .
Most of my friends and family will understand the gift was made with love .
But some are of often a little disappointed in receiving a home made gift wrapped in child like potato print glitter wrapping paper.
They still believe money and material possessions can provide happiness their lives are often going so fast they are not able to stop , unable to see what’s in front of them .
My gifts this year will hopefully make people stop and think even if it’s just of one minute .
When I wrote this the Christmas advert below came to mind , we all need to slow down and stop look at what we have and hold onto those most important in our lives.
This year I have learnt what it is to loose the people I love and theirs no turning back the clock the what if , why and buts don’t count when its to late . Its’s  the now  and future that pushes me forward .
So today give a hug or a smile to someone that needs it, let your love for god touch their hearts to.

We are given these gifts for the “progress and joy” of one another’s faith (Philippians 1:25).


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