Poetry is something other people do.

Poetry is something other people do, my mum belongs to a little poetry group ,my daughter is gifted in poetry writes beautiful pottery and had some published .
I find poetry difficult to read , almost like it’s written in code ,I stumble over the words trip on the verses and get disheartened that I can’t do it.
I love being read to, my mum still reads to me and I close my eye soak up the words like a child as I curl up on her sofa listening .
Reading is sometimes a challenge for me , yes I can read but not very confident struggle with the big words and sometimes miss out great big bits of a book as it’s just a little beyond me.
(But I do listen to audio books , watch you tube videos so I don’t totally miss out)

But I want to read my bible I want to be able to pick it up and read it , I want the words to flow and have meaning and for me to gain more understanding.
When faced with a problem I try to find ways around it and I read some where that reading poetry helps with bible reading .
So I given it another go, this time I am doing it for myself at my speed and my level, no teacher to guide me no friends to laugh at me just me and the internet .
The best thing is I went to a poetry open mic evening , I went in my own and loved it, god has opened yet another door to me , it was moving inspiring and I wanted more .
Faith has caused me to change it forces me to think about things differently. Faith doesn’t come naturally It’s difficult and challenging but reaching out and finding it for myself is an amazing journey.
It’s not something tangible that I reach out and grasp , it’s something within me growing and Changing making me step out of my comfort zone .

Teach us, O Lord, to attempt what we fear we cannot attain, to ascend what we fear we cannot reach and to express what we fear we cannot utter. In adoring you whom we cannot comprehend, teach us to celebrate the faith we cannot prove; for your own love’s sake. Amen..

Hilary of Poitiers (315-367)



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