All I want or Christmas is to keep the things I got .

Freedom is something I always took for granted , never in my life did I think we could loose something as basic as freedom.
Living with the possibility of loosing our freedom also took away hope and a future,
The last 6 months we have lived without looking forward and just holding onto the most important thing we had which was love , the love between a husband and wife and the beautiful unconditional love of god
My faith made the impossible situation seem possible the more I prayed the more strength I got and the more god held me.
Holding onto my own core beliefs underpinned my faith and my belief that I did nothing wrong , giving away love and reaching out to those in need is not a crime. Treating people as you wish to be treated is the least any human can do for another.
Holding onto what I have is the best gift this Christmas , knowing I will wake up Christmas morning with food on the table , a warm house filled with my family and knowing that I am loved , for the first time in many months I am excited about the future and looking forward to challenges ahead and finding out what god is calling me to do.


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