Than there was three

My man needs me and I need and love him, every day he tells me how much he loves me I feel his love for me as I feel gods love, gods love is pure beautiful and unconditional, my husband love is true ,romantic giving us both security ,

I love my husband with my heart and soul , loosing him to depression has made be realise how much I do love him, our marriage was blessed with our beautiful daughter and the many children that we have fostered and all have been loved by us.
Our relationship with each other is entering a new chapter, for the first time in over 20 years we are together just the three of us. Husband , wife and God
God entering my life was not in my life’s plan , sharing my love between husband and god has added a extra dimension to my marriage and something that I never foresaw.
Getting the balance right is proving a challenge as I find gods love all consuming and want to immerse myself deeper into gods unconditional love , the true love of my husband stands beside me .
Loving God means I am trying to live His way and that by listening to god and praying I will be fair and true to my husband .

“Husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way.”
First Letter of Peter 3:7



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