The reality dawned

overwhelmed, confused, helpless are just a few words to describe how I feel, Taking the brunt of my husbands depression his anger and indifference is so painfully hurtful. And It’s not going to go away , the reality dawned on me today he won’t ever get better not 100% . Depression will leave its mark on him , on me and our marriage .
He will have times without depression but it will never truly go. Always be somewhere waiting for a opportunity to try and destroy us.
Caring and loving a angry man is not always easy, loving someone that puts you down pushes you away , picks fault in all you do to help them and reduces me to tears.
God loves us unconditionally, he still loves me when I am angry and when I’m ill , so why should my love stop for my husband just because he is ill.
Today I prayed for all those nursing and caring for a loved one with depression , the pain they suffer when the one they love pushes them away .
Depression causes relationship problems , suicide and the belief that nobody cares for them
Love Prayer the healing power of touch is all I can offer .
Faith and trust in god ,help me every day to love as god loves me.

I loved you at your darkest. Romans 5:8.



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