Bible society photo challenge

This Lent I am taking part in the bible society photo challenge. Each day I will take a photo around the daily theme set by the bible society and share it with you.

Day One lent challenge  – Love .

Jesus died for people who had lost their way. He did not die because it was forced upon him. It was a choice. A choice made in love.

The Cross is love –

photographing this cross was very special, the cross is the grave of my great auntie who died very young of TB back in the 1930’s. She was beautiful lady both in looks and in her personality, when she died the family where devastated, they had very little money but gave all they had to have the stone cross on her grave , they even went hungry .

I can still feel and understand the love they had for her and their love for god.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son . . . (John 3:16).



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