Faith is changing me.

Day 22 – faith – lent challenge .

The lent course at church suggested this week we write a prayer. So here it is my prayer

Dear lord god.
I am truly grateful that I am able to pray and that you hear my prayers .
Your voice is a comfort to me , today I pray for those that are yet to find you.
I ask that you light a path for them, open doors that where once closed
Let them feel your love and grow in faith.
Teach us o lord how we can reach out to those yet to find you.
Help me choose the right words to say to them
Equip me with the knowledge to see these people and through your eyes.
Forgive me when I am judgemental .
Let my love for you shine out so brightly others will see it.
Your paths are illuminated with love.
Teach me to take your paths into the darkest of places and share your light and love .



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