What we do is what remains.

Day 24 – Remain – lent challenge

Mature tress are just beautiful rich in history , providing their own eco system , living for hundreds of years these trees where planted not for now , but for the future.
Not only do I thank God for our wonderful world , I thank the tree planters for having the foresight to plant these trees for future generations to enjoy.
What we do with our time on this earth is what we leave behind what remains, some of us will leave behind a trail of love where they touched people’s lives and made a difference to the world in which we live in . It would be amazing if we could all do that 🙂
What will remain of me on this beautiful earth when I am gone I am not sure but it will include a beautiful daughter and differently a few tress .


The video below is amazing and shows the determination of two people that want to make a difference .

Matthew 6:21Good News Translation

21 For your heart will always be where your riches are.


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