Listening to the world waking up.

I’m a lark a morning person, it’s the best time of day , before most of you are out of bed you will find me cup of tea in hand wrapped in a fluffy blanket sitting in the garden in the dark waiting and listening .
My time to pray and Listen in the stillness and silence ,waiting for sun’s morning rays to light the night sky and for the birds to begin to sing. First one, then another, birds of all shapes and sizes from the tiny wren to the blackbird all chatting having their say getting their voices heard all singing at the same time some shouting, some quietly mumbling all singing to theirs heart content .
I like to think the birds are singing for joy Waking the earth with their natural melody reminding us that we are all different and If we put all these differences together and sing we can create something beautiful to.
If you have never listened to the dawn chorus it’s well worth it, make the effort to go outside in the dark listen and hear creation at its best , its the silence the stillness of nothing to fullness of life that amazes me it’s just beautiful and special.

Psalm 96The Message (MSG)

96 1-2 Sing God a brand-new song!
Earth and everyone in it, sing!
Sing to God—worship God!




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