The Pink Flower.

That Pink flower is beautiful.
I can see it’s beauty, smell its beauty.
I don’t need to name its beauty.
I don’t need to be able to read to see it’s a Pink beautiful flower.
Writing its name does not make it beautiful.
It stands alone.
It’s Pink and beautiful.

Naming it takes me away from its beauty.
Labels it.
Sets out a list of standards that it should conform to.
Height, colour, scent.
If it does not conform we are disappointed reject it.
But it’s still a beautiful Pink flower .

No name, no label nothing to conform to.
No one to disappoint.
It’s just enjoyed for being a Pink  flower.
Created to grow, from a tiny seed to a Pink flower .
Created not for us to enjoy.
But to survive, flower and grow to its full potential.

Just look see and enjoy.
It’s no more difficult than that.
See it smell it, remember it.
Learn its name if you must,
Rose ,carnation or pink daffodil it does not matter.
What does matter is you love it, care for it.
Remember the one that created it.

By It’s a Beautiful World.

DSC_0478 (1).jpg


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