Pray For Those Living In Fear.


Lowest places: pray for those living in fear.
Over 60 % of children in care are looked after due to abuse or neglect.

I pledge to pray for families; children in the care system and those involved in adoption.

When I first read on the “Thy Kingdom Come” website find some extreme places to pray and film yourselves doing it. I thought of all the beautiful places I could pray: high on a mountain, in a darkest cave, under water in the depth of the sea, riding my bike through the countryside.
When I read it again I realised that I can see God’s beauty and creation in all of these places.
But to others these are not places of beauty but are the extremes of their lives.
The forgotten families and children of our society, often out of sight and unnoticed.

Dear Loving Seeing God.
Today I pray for all those families that feel the bottom has fallen out of their lives.
For the mothers and fathers that are crying out for help.
I pray that they are treated with love and compassion during their times of trouble.
That they will be listened to and theirs cries for help heard.
Surround these families with love and kindness.
Allow others to help them, not be so quick to judge them.
Equip us with the knowledge and understanding to support these families during their darkest days.



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