Pray For Social Workers.

Busiest places: pray for social workers.
Nearly one in 10 U.K social workers (8%) are considering leaving the job. With over a 5th of these blaming stress or unmanageable caseloads.

I pledge to pray for families; children in the care system and those involved in adoption.
When I first read on the “Thy Kingdom Come” website find some extreme places to pray and film yourselves doing it. I thought of all the beautiful places I could pray: high on a mountain, in a darkest cave, under water in the depth of the sea, riding my bike through the countryside.
When I read it again I realised that I can see God’s beauty and creation in all of these places.
But to others these are not places of beauty but are the extremes of their lives.
The forgotten families and children of our society, often out of sight and unnoticed.

Dear Loving Seeing God.
My prayers today are for all those involved in the care system.
I pray that this over stretched; overworked system can still be capable of love.
Guide the overworked, exhausted, and weary help them find rest.
Love those that are broken hearted, give healing to their sorrow and pain.
Please help social workers work with families that society does not see.
Allow this overworked system to reach out to those that need it most.
Give them wisdom so they might show your love and mercy.



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