Colours Are My Smiles

Imagine your true colours.
Colours of your thoughts.
Colours of your dreams.
Words of colours.
I’m Green.

I am not a solid Green or Environmentally Green, not even politely Green.
Dappled shades of Green.
Green that diffuses with warm sunlight
Electric Greens that dazzle so bright.
Greens so white they could be snow
Splashes,dashes blobs and spots of Green.

Green is good it’s safe and warm.
Feeding and nourishing protecting from the storms.
Searching, holding, pushing, seeking light.
Sown and threaded though my soul.
Crafted grafted uniquely Green.

I won’t be Green forever it changes as I grow.
The goodness from the greenery is taking me where I need to go.
Greens tipped with Yellows, Green splashed with Pink.
Mixed so slowly they are at first they are just hints.
Colours slowly settle and drift into my haze.
Swirling mixing drifting down, finding a place to stay.

My colours are my smiles.
The prayers I say each day.
My colours are not mine to keep.
I need to learn to give them away.

I pray that this can happen.
And that I will not stay just Green.
Green is safe it’s quiet and calm.
Rainbow enriched colours splashing light.
Giving me a rich vibrant new life.


One thought on “Colours Are My Smiles

  1. Hi Lindsay

    This is beautiful. I really love the second verse… it’s really outstanding.

    Your poetry is getting richer and more confident all the time.

    Can I encourage you not to worry about making it rhyme?!!!!!

    (Most poetry these days doesn’t – at least, not in the old-fashioned way!)

    Tina x

    PS the Thy Kingdom Come post with all the prayers would be better if you posted a prayer a day…. Was it too difficult to post the video on your blog?


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