Pray For Teenagers In Crisis.

Highest places: pray for teenagers in crisis.
Children in care are 4 times more likely than their peers to have a mental health difficulty.

I pledge to pray for families; children in the care system and those involved in adoption.

When I first read on the “Thy Kingdom Come” website find some extreme places to pray and film yourselves doing it. I thought of all the beautiful places I could pray: high on a mountain, in a darkest cave, under water in the depth of the sea, riding my bike through the countryside.
When I read it again I realised that I can see God’s beauty and creation in all of these places.
But to others these are not places of beauty but are the extremes of their lives.
The forgotten families and children of our society, often out of sight and unnoticed.

Dear Loving Seeing God

I pray today for those teenagers that are in the care system.
Teenagers that are angry with the world for feeling it’s letting them down.
I pray that you can help us reach out to these children .
Show them love in such a way that they accept it.
Help us guide them with kindness and love.
For them to learn that rules are their to protect them.
Not to fight against those that reach out to help them.
Allow them to be loved and understand your amazing unconditional love.
In the name of Jesus Christ.



Hospitality is love

Day sixteen  – lent challenge – Hospitality 

Entering a church opening the old doors gives feels me with wonder , what’s inside what will it feel like , walking into church feeling the spirituality of it, the high ceilings that call you to look upwards , the silence and stillness, escaping form the hustle and bustle of the modern world. I place to pray and ponder to be alone but not be alone .
I recently visited a church that seemed to be more about the brand of coffee it was serving than about a place a worship.
It was a place of high tech audio equipment , screens on every pillar, microphones, drum kits, computers and open plan offices and a coffee shop, looking upward the eye was drawn to the cables weaving their way in and out of the pillars.
Coffee was served with a smile and brought to the table but where was god ??
I found myself trying to pray trying to connect with something anything but nothing was their the experience was cold and in need of love, god was missing.

Hospitality is so much more than a branded cup of coffee, hospitality is love , god is love , the lady’s that make coffee each week in our church and at church events are gifted in conversation welcoming smiling , washing up, working in the back ground often unseen but so very valued, they don’t sell a branded coffee , they share and show what it is to be loved by god.

Perhaps this is the moment you were created for” Esther 4:14.


I Daniel Blake.


I went into the cinema already feeling broken and tearful. Unsure if even going to see “ I Daniel Blake “ was even a good idea.
It was a strong hard hitting film; emotionally hard hitting from the start to the end.
Their was hardly a dry eye in the cinema; I left feeling angry and more determined than ever that a system that does not work would not destroy us.
The film follows Daniel Blake being destroyed and humiliated by a system that just cannot afford to care. A system that shows no love and compassion and offers no hope for the future. It’s grim depressing and unrelenting but should be seen by everyone .
I felt the need to protect my broken husband from that system. A system that would lower his self esteem even further, that would cause even more pain and upset.
I worry every day that I will lose my husband to depression. I will not add even more pressure to his life and see him destroyed even further suffering at the hands of the DWP.
He needs his confidence boasted not lowered, he needs to be valued as a person and respected for what he knows and what he can offer society.
He is a wonderful, caring, honest, hard working person and a child of God and loved by God .
I will trust in God to guide me through our dark days and being part of a supportive church family we can survive this a come out the other end.


Empty Arms And Empty Hearts That Last Forever.

Writing helps me on so many levels, it helps me understand what is happening in my life and if I am lucky why it’s happening .
Writing has boosted my confidence and has allowed my mind and heart to stay open to follow Jesus .
Reading my early blogs reminds me of the pain and the journey travelled so far.
It was suggested I write my own psalm.
I prayed before I wrote it and had no idea what to write about while I prayed I wrote down lots of words adoption was written down many times.
Adoption is a subject I am very passionate about and it’s how I found my faith and I do believe it is a pure act of faith to care for his children as he cared for us.

Adoption .
Joy of life and new beginnings.
Pain grief sorrow and loss.
A double aged sword with no winners .
Confused scared and frightened.
Follow love and trust the Lord.
It’s a gift from God.
To give to one you must take from another.
The loss of a child pains the heart and mind.
Never to see hold or touch that child again.
Empty arms and empty hearts that last forever.
The chid does not understand .
New destinations, we put our trust in you to guide us through these times.
Happy times sad times with dead ends and darkness.
Times when theirs only a dim glimmer of light we trust and follow you.
We are all your children.
Adotion works because of love and trust .
We love and trust you with open hearts and minds.
Love over powers fear.
Faith over powers failure .
As we love and hold our children, just as you love and hold us in life.
Rejoice the new destinations and open hearted family’s.
Remember those left behind with empty arms.